August 2017 Newsletter

HR&APS Congratulates Jim Stemach on his Retirement!

Jim Stemach and SalmonJim Stemach has been a vibrant and vital member of Human Resources, now H-RAPS, since August 2008. Jim initially was hired as Training and Human Resources Specialist. He was quickly recognized as a team player and quick learner who exhibited a genuine commitment to help employees enhance their skills and knowledge and navigate the often-opaque world of the CSU. In 2010, Jim moved into the role of Human Resources Generalist with an emphasis in recruitment and compensation. In 2013, he became the Associate Human Resources Director – his HR service expanding to include labor relations and employee relations, along with his continuing support to members of search committees and hiring authorities with all aspects of the recruitment process – from Form 1 to Form 5!

Along the way, Jim, wife Ronda, and sons Justin and Tyler volunteered as puppy raisers for Canine Companions. Every assistance dog starts as a puppy that needs a loving home – and the Stemach's have provided such a home so that children and adults with disabilities could live more independent lives. Human Resources and others in Siemens Hall and across campus also benefited from Jim's volunteer work raising canine companion puppies – sweet lab Nicky became a familiar soulful face in Jim's office. Many staff volunteered to walk Nicky during the day to acclimate her to varied surroundings and people. Moreover, Nicky the puppy was already making her own canine companion contribution – students, staff, and faculty simply lit up when they saw Nicky. If you were having an off day, just going into Jim's office and petting Nicky had you smiling in no time.

In his spare time, Jim is an avid angler, a creative cook, and an expert cultivator of succulents – activities he also shared with his co-workers. We will miss Jim's delectable fresh caught smoked salmon and the always-unexpected tray of unusual succulents that occasionally would appear in HR for his co-workers to take home and nurture.

Jim will be missed. You could always count on Jim to take the time to listen and empathize; he was also the go-to person when trying to find solutions on those very rare occasions when issues pop up in the world of human resources. We recognize and thank Jim for his significant contributions to the University, we congratulate him as he moves into a new life phase of life, and we hope that we can keep him on our speed dial, at least for a while!

Enjoy, Jim!

Featured Tech Course

Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Power Pivot, Custom Formatting, Fills, and Forms

Using Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel 2016, you can pull together huge amounts of data from different sources and analyze it. In this course, you will learn how to use Power Pivot, which was formerly an add-in and is now a feature of Excel 2016. This course also covers the creation of custom and conditional formatting and filters, as well as custom fills.

  • Power Pivot
    • configure Power Pivot and import data into a Microsoft Excel 2016 Workbook
    • create a PivotTable using Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Custom Formats and Fills
    • create a custom number format in Microsoft Excel 2016
    • create a custom date and time format in Microsoft Excel 2016
    • create a custom accounting format in Microsoft Excel 2016
    • create a custom fill series in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Conditional Formatting and Filters
    • create custom conditional formatting rules in Microsoft Excel 2016
    • modify custom conditional formatting rules in Microsoft Excel 2016
    • apply complex filtering criteria to data in Microsoft Excel 2016

Course time: 1 hour 11 minutes


Follow-Up Training

Employees who complete this course will be invited to attend an Instructor-Led follow up training on campus.  We'll send a personal invitation with the place and date information.


Leadership Toolkit Series @ L4HSU

In collaboration with the Library, the department of Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services is offering a Leadership Toolkit Series that will focus on helping leaders motivate and develop the people they lead. Throughout the series, we will highlight a specific leadership skill to discuss and practice together. The following topics will be part of this series:

You can sign-up for those classes at L4HSU

Interfolio for Employee Recruitment is Coming Soon!


We are currently piloting our new electronic recruitment system. Watch for training and additional information over the next couple of months as we fully go live!


We will again be using Interfolio for faculty evaluation during the AY 17/18 RTP review cycle. For in-person training, sign up at:

Featured Soft Skills Course

Polishing Your Feedback Skills

Giving feedback is vital in the workplace. This course covers when and how to give feedback positively, how to handle bad reactions and your own nervousness, and how to give feedback to people at different organizational levels.

  • identify how to correctly prepare to give feedback
  • recognize when it's appropriate to give feedback
  • identify the best practices for giving feedback in a positive way
  • recognize how to manage negative reactions to feedback
  • recognize guidelines for providing appropriate feedback at different levels of the organization
  • identify best practices for dealing with nervousness about giving feedback
  • use techniques to deliver feedback at the best time and in the best way
Course Resources

Course time: 34 minutes


  Performance Trainings

Performance Management & Evaluation

We are pleased to continue offering the Performance Management in the California State University course and Performance Evaluation in the California State University course for Supervisors and Leads. Each course will cover core elements of performance management and performance evaluation.

Performance Management in the California State University

Participants will:

  • Summarize the core elements of performance management; Identify and explain the key stages of the performance management cycle; Discuss the performance management planning process; Discuss providing feedback; Review how to co-create an individual development plan with an employee; Articulate the difference between performance management and the performance appraisal process

Dates and Registration:


Performance Evaluation in the California State University

Participants will:

  • Summarize the core objectives of the performance management process; Articulate the difference between performance management and the performance evaluation process; Identify the key elements of writing a performance evaluation; Practice writing a performance evaluation.

Dates and Registration:


CSU's Got Talent

Radical Clarity

Learn the three breakthrough dimensions of productivity and how you can eliminate hours of wasted time every week.

This live webcast recording is now available on Skillport.
You can find the webcast recording by:

  1. Searching
    1. By Name: Radical Clarity: The Surprising Secret to Amazing Productivity
    2. By ID: __scorm12_spcentralsta_csu_talent_wc_ rad_clarity
    3. Keyword: clarity
  2. Browse the Catalog
    1. Systemwide Custom Content:  CSU's Got Talent

New Employee Orientation

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 8:30 - noon

All new employees are invited to an Employee Orientation Program where we will review general conditions of employment, provide benefits information, and answer any employment related questions you may have.

Register Here

Upcoming Classes

Dec 3 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Dec 4 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Dec 11 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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