April 2017 Newsletter

Are You Ready to Dive Into Canvas?

CanvasBeginning Fall 2017, Canvas will be our only supported learning management system (LMS). The goal is to offer engaging and robust new tools for dynamic teaching and learning at HSU. Some of the key elements include: engagement, empowerment, access, collaboration and feedback.

This means it’s time for everyone to dive in and get started in learning all of the exciting Canvas features and functionalities. We encourage faculty to sign-up for training now!

You will find many workshops to choose from in a variety of different formats, including:

Sign up today by going to our Canvas Training Calendar on our newly revamped Canvas Migration Website and explore these teaching and learning topics:

  • Creating Your Canvas Course
  • Content Creation and Design
  • Tools for Student Engagement
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning

You will also find many Canvas self-service resources including Quick Guides such as “Canvas Getting Started”, “Canvas GradeBook”, "Moodle to Canvas Conversion", and more.

For further course design support, the academic technology team also offers weekday walk-in hours from 10 am to 1 pm on the third floor of the Library, as well one-on-one appointments. For more information, please contact the academic technology team at 707.826.4461 or at@humboldt.edu.

Be prepared for fall and join us in getting your feet wet in Canvas!

In keeping with the campus sustainability goals and efforts, this newsletter will be distributed and posted monthly in electronic format.

Featured Tech Course

Working with Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is the standard for cross-platform document creation and distribution. This course explains advanced features of Adobe Acrobat DC, including transitions, cropping pages, and watermarks. This course also introduces learners to enhanced features and tools such as collaboration, fillable forms, and digital signatures.

Enhancing PDFs
  • crop pages in Adobe Acrobat DC
  • add comments and collaborate using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • add page transitions in Adobe Acrobat DC
 Forms and Links
  • describe options for creating fillable forms using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • add links to documents in Adobe Acrobat DC
  • add attachments to documents in Adobe Acrobat DC
 Advanced Features
  • create watermarks using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • describe how to protect documents using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • add stamps using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • create a digital signature using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • enhance a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC

Course time: 52 minutes


Follow-Up Training

Employees who complete this course will be invited to attend an Instructor-Led follow up training on campus.  We'll send a personal invitation with the place and date information.

Reduced Price Software for Staff and Faculty

HSU faculty and staff can now purchase the following software products as part of a special agreement with Kivuto, our online distributor:

  • Microsoft Office and Windows 10: home-use licenses $9.95 each, valid for as long as you’re with HSU
  • Adobe Acrobat DC: one-year home-use license subscription $9.75

Additional academic software titles are available at discounted prices to eligible users; browse the site to see what’s available to you.

To purchase software through Kivuto, go to Humboldt.onthehub.com and log in with your HSU User Name and Password.

For more information go to www.humboldt.edu/its/software

Featured Soft Skills Course

Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability

This course introduces the concept of sustainability, including sustainability goals and types of sustainability. It outlines the factors that are driving the need for environmental sustainability and explores the social, economic, and environmental benefits of adopting green business practices. The challenges and risks involved with adopting and not adopting such practices are also covered.

Introducing Green Business
  • recognize the importance of taking personal responsibility for promoting sustainability in your organization
  • recognize key concepts of sustainability and identify examples of factors that would influence a company's decision to move toward sustainability
  • identify the benefits of environmental sustainability
Sustainability: Opportunities, Risks, Challenges
  • recognize the benefits of being able to identify the risks and challenges of adopting sustainability strategies
  • identify examples of opportunities presented by sustainability
  • recognize risks of sustainability
  • identify key concepts about the challenges of adopting sustainability practices

Course time: 2 hours


 Did You Know?

These are the most common keyboard shortcuts for PC.  Use the command instead of Ctrl key if you are using a mac. 
Ctrl + X
Cut the selected item
Ctrl + C
(or Ctrl + Insert)
Copy the selected item
Ctrl + V
(or Shift + Insert)
Paste the selected item
Ctrl + Z
Undo an action
Ctrl + A
Select all items in a document or window
Ctrl + Y
Redo an action
Ctrl + R
(or F5)
Refresh the active window
Ctrl + D
(or Delete)
Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin


"For departments looking for ways to improve the staffs excel skills and knowledge, I highly recommend the professional development opportunities the HSU Human Resource Department provided to Student Financial Services.

My department was looking for ways to increase our productivity and efficiency. We realized that we needed improvement of our Excel skills and take advantage of the new functionality.

We tried some of the on-line, self-paced classes, but it did not provide us practical experience using our data.

The Human Resources Professional Development team was able to provide a customized, hands-on training for the staff.  They developed the course work from actual transactions and data the staff was familiar with.

The trainings lasted several weeks, we met 3 times a week for an hour and they assigned homework problems. 

All the staff enjoyed the personal training and found it very useful in their daily jobs.

I highly recommend this training to all departments."

Sandy Wieckowski
Manager, Student Financial Services

Upcoming Classes

Dec 3 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Dec 4 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Dec 11 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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