Training and Professional Development

Sponsored Programs Foundation Help

This page is specifically designed to assist Sponsored Program Foundation Principle Investigators. There are many resources available for you to learn both PeopleSoft Requisitions and OBI Reporting process.

Training Job Aids

Topics Job Aid
OBI: Navigating OBI for SPF .pdf
PeopleSoft CFS: Add/Update a Requisition .pdf
PeopleSoft CFS: Print a Requisition .pdf
PeopleSoft CFS: ProCard Adjustment Online Class / Demonstration
This online demonstration will take you through the process of conducting a ProCard Adjustment in PeopleSoft (formerly known as ProCard Reconciliation). To begin please select continue.
ProCard Adjustment Online Class / Demonstration
PeopleSoft CFS: ProCard Adjustments
Business process guide on how to complete Visa ProCard Adjustments in PeopleSoft CFS.
ProCard Adjustments
PeopleSoft CFS: ProCard Adjustments Activities/Practice
This is a companion document to the CFS ProCard business process guide.
ProCard Adjustments, Activities/Practice
ProCard Activation Steps
Once you have your HSU ProCard it will need to be activated. Take these steps to complete the process.
ProCard Activation Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do I need to access?

  1. PeopleSoft Finance
  2. OBI Finance
  3. Requisition
  4. ProCard

How do I get access to those systems?

  1. Submit a CMS Access Request Form

What Roles do I need to select on the CMS Access Request Form?

Detail of the Access Request Form with roles selected.
To be able to: Business Unit Enterprise System Role Action
Required HMSPF Finance Department Analyst Add
Create and/or Approve Purchase Requistions HMSPF Finance Department Requisitioner Add
Reconcile ProCard HMSPF Finance ProCard Reconciliation Add
Review Budgets and Expenditures (Required) HMSPF OBI Finance Add

How do I get training?

There are many resources available to assist you in learning both PeopleSoft and OBI. If you would like to attend a live training session please visit HSU's Training and Professional Development schedule of classes. For printed instructions on generating a Budgetary Status Report in OBI or creating a requisition in PeopleSoft, please click on the Training Job Aids at the top of this page.

What else do I need to do?

For Requisitioners, complete the Sponsored Programs Foundation’s Signature Authorization form. If you had additional signers in the past, then please request an updated Signature Authorization form from Sponsored Programs Foundation x4189,, or visit the SPF office in SBS 427.