Protecting Payment Card Information (PCI DSS)

Required For

Select Employees

 Contact Information

Information Security Officer
Information Technology Services
(707) 826-4357


Acquaint & educate users who work with credit card data. Stress importance of protecting sensitive University data that Humboldt is legally or contractually obligated to protect.


Employees who work with credit card data or are exposed to it, includes: Cashiers, Advancement Call Center staff


CSU policy 8065.S02 Information Security Data Classification; Humboldt PEMP 11-03 Policy Compliance Payment PCI-DSS; Civil Code Sections 1725 & 1747.08; Song-Beverly Credit Card Act of 1971 Section 1747.08


You will be required to take the training every two years. It is due 90 days after assignment.

How Often

Every year

Additional Information

Please visit the Information Security Office website for additional information on information security.