FEMA and COVID Lumberjack Challenge

Professional development tracks centered around gaining a better understanding of basic emergency management principles. These trainings are all certified by FEMA and highly sought after by all employers in today’s climate. 

Once you have completed the Green Tier, feel free to move on to completing the Gold Tier! Once you have completed both tiers you will receive the Lumberjack Challenge Award!

Once you have completed the first class it will ask you to take the final quiz. You must complete this quiz to receive credit. It will also ask you for your Student Identification Number. Follow the prompts to register for this number and WRITE IT DOWN. You will need this number for all other classes. This is also how you will be able to retrieve your transcript. 

After every completed class you will receive your certificate of completion via email. SAVE THE CERTIFICATES and email all of them to EOC@humboldt.edu to receive credit! We'll update the status of the curriculum when we receive all your certificates.

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